SmallGyfts Employee Donation Gift Cards 0

Your hard-working employees deserve to be rewarded. Why not recognize them with a gift that will also improve your community. SmallGyfts can do that.

Give your employees SmallGyfts as a reward for their hard work. Set targets and gift card value based on achieving major milestones or let your employees use it to thank their peers to show appreciation for their help.

This is a great way of showing your employees you care about what they care about. This will help you meet your CSR goals and the community will appreciate that you give back to local causes.

SmallGyfts are fixed charitable donations tied to performance goal or other behaviors you want to reward.

Employees can...

  • Use the app to redeem the cards to donate it to their favorite cause.
  • Give the cards directly to their church, school or any nonprofit so they can redeem it.

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