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Your customers love your work and would be happy to recommend your business to family and friends, but you don't have a good system for thanking them for their patronage or asking them for referrals.

Now What

Thank your customers with a SmallGyfts gift card that offers them a discount on future purchases and a small donation they can give to their church, school, favorite grassroots organization or nonprofit.

So What?

Your customers and the nonprofits that get your donations will tell their family, friends and supporters about your business so people get to know, like, and trust your business and become customers.

SmallGyfts Rechargeable Prepaid Referral Gift Cards

Boost Loyalty and Sales!

branded smallgyfts card

  • 1. Value: Create a promotional offer to thank your customers or attract new customers
  • 2. Brand: Add your logo or other branding for instant recognition and exposure
  • 3. Contact: Include your phone number, links to your web site or call to action
  • Loyalty: Give one or more cards based on how much your customers spends
  • Promote: Generate excitement or a sense of urgency for a new product or service
  • Control: Set the promotion/limit number of cards that can be redeemed per transaction

Grow sales & repeat business

Win Community Support!

branded smallgyfts card

  • 1. Donation: Customize cards to offer a small donation to local causes
  • 2. Redeem: Customers use the SmallGyfts app to redeem the donation for their cause
  • 3. Flexible: Customers can redeem the card or give it to friends, family or a nonprofit
  • Positive PR: Customers choose the cause, but your business gets the credit for giving back
  • Referrals: Get new customers from the supporters of causes that get the donations
  • Recharge: Card become inactive after redemption but can be reloaded and reused

Grow referrals & customers

Build Your Own Card

branded smallgyfts card

branded smallgyfts card

  • Choose your design: Upload your logo or other branding
  • Reward your customer: Set the face value promotion - redeemable by current/new customers
  • Help your community: Set a fixed donation amount - redeemable for a nonprofit in the app


How SmallGyfts Works


...The SmallGyfts App is amazing at what it does and can definitely show your customers that you care.

Roland B.

Hallman MSP, Calgary AB

Three Steps to Success on SmallGyfts

Sign Up!

Create your business profile & upload your logo to create your free business listing.

Say Thanks!

Design and order prepaid referral gift cards and donation credits to start thanking customers.

Get Results!

Track your results to see the positive impact on your bottom-line and your community.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SmallGyfts cost?

  • Get started for Free!.

Register to create your business profile and free listing in the SmallGyfts app.

  • $149 Starter Package.

Activate giving by buying a starter package. The first $49 covers the setup of your business and the first month of your monthly subscription. The remaining $100 is available in your SmallGyfts account to start thanking your customers.

Use your SmallGyfts account to reward your customers with small donations, i.e., $1, $5, $10,etc to their favorite causes.

Customers can share SmallGyfts with their family and friends or give it directly to their church, school, or other grassroot organizations.

  • $19 monthly subscription

The $19 monthly subscription includes the following:

Admin access to your business listing
+ Links to your social media site
+ Phone, address and map to your business
+ Access to update your deals
+ Measure customer interactions
+ Setup a rewards system to encourage loyalty – better deals for coming back

  • Prepaying for Donation Credits

Access the SmallGyfts portal to buy additional donation credits.

Donation credits stay in your account until redeemed by your customers.

Prepay for credits as needed to fund your cards.

How do SmallGyfts Prepaid Referral Cards Work?
  • Create your card

Upload your logo or other branding to design your card
+ Set the face value promotion - redeemable by current/new customers
+ Set a fixed donation amount - redeemable for a nonprofit in the app
+ Donation value are whole dollar amounts and can start as low as $1
+ Set the value to align with how much customer spend

  • Redeeming a card

Customers redeem the discount by returning the card and buying your products or services.

No special equipment is needed to redem the card.

This provides measurable feedback that the cards are helping to boost return visits or attract new customers.

Cards that are not redeemed costs you nothing but the cost of the card.

  • Redeeming the donation

Customers use the SmallGyfts app to scan the QR code on the back of the card to redeem the donation for their cause.

The card becomes inactive after the scan.

Donation credits remain in your account if the card is not redeemed.

  • Recharging the card

Businesses use the SmallGyfts portal to scan the QR code on the back of the card to recharge the card.
+ Offer promotions to encourage customers to return the cards to save on future purchases
+ Recharge then reissue the cards

How do I use SmallGyfts to thank my customers?
  • Face-to-Face:

Use the SmallGyfts website to select donation amounts to display as a QR code. Your customers use the SmallGyfts App to scan the code and redeem donations for their cause.

  • Email:

Send a “Thank You” email with a personalized message to existing or potential customers with a donation code.

  • Web Link:

Send a donation code as a link in chat or email that allows the receivers to redeem the donation.

  • Prepaid Referral Gift Card:

Give SmallGyfts prepaid referral gift cards that customers can redeem using the app or give the card to their family, friend, or favorite cause.

Contact us

Email smallgyfts@smallgyfts.com or use the contact form to request more info. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.


Get more customers by showing you care.


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