Personalize Customer Relationships

When you started your business your goal was not just to make a living, but to make a difference. But, life happens.

You find yourself spending more time chasing new customers than working on your business. You know that once people do business with you, your products, service and care will make them a customer for life. You've wasted time and money on many approaches but have not gotten the results you need. You want to focus on building the successful business that you've dreamed of and move from surviving to thriving.

SmallGyfts increases customer loyalty, attracts new customers and shows how you give back. SmallGyfts creates an opportunity to build quality customer relationships, inject funds into neighborhood projects, inspire change and help your community. All you have to do is thank your customers with a small donation to their favorite cause, after they buy from you.

Do you want more loyal customers and to effect change, growth, and opportunity within your community? Do you want to attract people and organizations near you that love their community?

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Do good by doing good

You believe in your community. You want to make a difference, to do good. Help your customers help their favorite cause and your community will appreciate you and help your business grow.

SmallGyfts provide tools to help you reward your customers with a small donation to their favorite cause. Personalize your reward with the gift of choice. Let your customers pick causes they care about most and give a little to support them.

Send a clear message that you care about your customers and you are willing to do, what you can, to help improve the community. Your customers have endless choices. Do something that elevates your business above your competition by supporting causes your customers care about.

You don't have to be rich to give. Give a "small gift", a donations of $1, $5, $10, etc. based on how much customers buy from you. You control what and when you give. They buy, you give. They pick the cause, you get the credit. You help the community, they help you. Everyone wins!

How it works


Get more customers

Attract new customers and boost your sales by helping causes your customers care about.

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Quick Start Instructions
  1. Add your business to SmallGyfts
  2. Purchase SmallGyfts credits or gift cards
  3. Reward your customers with a SmallGyfts when they buy from you


Raise money & do good

Encourage your supporters to shop with local businesses that give back to raise money.

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Quick Start Instructions
  1. Add your cause to SmallGyfts
  2. Ask your supporters to pick your cause
  3. Ask your supporters to buy from businesses offering SmallGyfts


Save businesses & help causes

Buy from local businesses that give back to help your school, church or favorite cause.

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Quick Start Instructions
  1. Sign up to start using SmallGyfts
  2. Pick the cause you want to support
  3. Buy from local businesses to earn SmallGyfts for your cause

Why SmallGyfts

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?" - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Growing up in a proud immigrant family, we have seen the impact of poverty in our community and understand the resolve required to make positive changes. We believe that strong, local businesses are essential to overcoming poverty and building thriving communities.

Local businesses need community support and loyal customers to succeed. The best way to build awesome communities is for the people in that community to do business with businesses that give back.

SmallGyfts connects givers: businesses that give back, people who buy local and organizations that do good.

Reward your customers with a small donation to their favorite cause to get more business and referrals from a community that loves your business.

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Nonprofits and Causes

Encourage your supporters to do business with local businesses that give back.

Your supporters can earn donations for your cause when they patronize businesses offering SmallGyfts.

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Save money for yourself, raise money for your school, church or favorite community causes and help local businesses.

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