SmallGyfts Simplified Terms
Last Revised: November 21, 2020

This is a high level summary of the terms for using SmallGyfts. See the full terms for more details.

  • SmallGyfts is a service of Try2See, Inc.
  • SmallGyfts is a forum where users can upload content.
  • The content you upload into SmallGyfts belongs to you, not SmallGyfts
  • Only upload content you own, not someone's else copyrighted info
  • Your content is protected by a user id and password so do not share your password to protect your info
  • DO NO HARM to others while using our services or you will be removed
  • We do not control what users upload but we will remove content that is harmful to others, at our sole discretion, if discovered or via complaints
  • You agree to allow us to use your content as desired to promote SmallGyfts for as long as we choose
  • You may have to pay to access and use some parts of the service
  • SmallGyfts may send you emails to promote the service and inform you of changes
  • The SmallGyfts Business members that you interact with by checking in (scanning in) may also send you email offers
  • You can update your account preferences to block emails and text offers or by "unsubcribing" from emails sent by a business
  • SmallGyfts uses cookies to personalize your experience
  • The site is provided as-is there are no guarantee or warranty of service
  • You agree to hold SmallGyfts and it's Officers and employees Harmless from any claims of loss, liability or expenses
  • We will cooperate with the government and law enforcement agencies as required by law
  • By using SmallGyfts you are agreeing to the full terms of services
  • The terms apply to all areas of the sites and services or any new features and services we add
  • We may occasionally update the terms to address future conditions or terminate these terms
  • Your continued use of the site indicates your agreement with the terms
  • Do not use the site if you do not agree with the full terms.

Please report any violations of these terms by using the contact form or sending an email to

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