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SmallGyft gift cards help you increase referrals and returning business.

You believe in your community. Besides making money, you also want to make a difference, to do something positive.

Do something that 99% of other businesses arenít: Reward your loyal customers with a small donation to their favorite cause and give them an opportunity to make a difference in their community.

As a small business owner, most of your business come from loyal, repeat customers, or word-of-mouth referrals. Without a good system to delight your existing customers and attract new customers, your business may not reach its full potential.

Offer SmallGyfts Cash+ Cards as a reward to customers who purchase products or services. The card provides a discount on a future purchase and a small donation to the customer's favorite cause.

The card motivates the customer to return to buy more. Customers can also use the SmallGyfts app to redeem the donation for their favorite cause or give the card to their family, friends, local churches, schools or nonprofits in their community. Donation recipients are then motivated to refer their supporters to buy from the business because doing so will help them raise money. This will help your business to attract new customers.

Turn the people in your community into passionate fans who will refer your business and celebrate you on social media because it will help them to raise money for their cause.

Get More Customers!

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