SmallGyfts Donation Gift Cards

SmallGyfts Donation Gift Cards allows you to reward your customers with a small donation to their favorite cause. Your customers can pick their school, church or other favorite local cause but your business gets the credit for giving back.

Here are 15 advantages of rewarding your customers with SmallGyfts gift cards.

1) You delight your customers so they are more likely to refer you to their friends and family
2) Community organizations that receive your donations will ask their supporters to shop with you.
3) Local shoppers can see that you give back which will attract new customers.
4) You can tie an incentive to the card to encourage shoppers to return to your business to buy more.
5) You can add your branding so people learn more about your business.
6) You support your customers’ causes so they feel good about buying from you.
7) The promotion costs you nothing if the card is never redeemed.
8) You can see the customers that redeem your cards and their contact info.
9) You can see which causes your customers care about.
10) The organizations that your customers support can see how much you’ve donated to them.
11) You are encouraging your customers to give back to improve your community.
12) Your customers can redeem the cards for their cause or give them to organizations they support.
13) You can recharge and reuse the cards.
14) You can better manage and see how much you’ve given (tax deductible).
15) You have a structured way of giving back. Tell solicitors to send their supporters to buy from you to earn donations.

SmallGyfts are donations of $1-$5 that you can offer to your customers based on how much they spend at your business. Supplement your marketing plan with SmallGyfts donation gift cards. Your customers pick the cause. You get the credit. You give only when they buy. As Maya Angelou said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”¯. Imagine how people will feel about your business knowing that you are helping a cause they care about.

Cards can be customized with your logo / awards / services on the front and the donation amount on the back. Recipients redeem the cards by using the SmallGyfts app or by entering the code on You get the contact info of people that redeem the cards. Your business gets listed in the app as a giver and it shows how much you have given to local nonprofits for additional positive exposure. Your customers get a profile of your business with links to your website and social media sites to make it easy to contact you when they need you.

Add an incentive for people to bring the cards back to your business. You can recharge and reuse the cards. Customers can give the cards directly to a church, school or favorite nonprofits so they can redeem the donation then give the card to their supporters to encourage them to also buy from your business.

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