Chambers - Build a giving community

Scenario: Using SmallGyfts to help business in a community to attract more customers and give back.

Overview: At the heart of the most vibrant communities are strong chambers of commerce. The best chambers actively promote shopping in the community, encourage business networking and collaboration, host multiple seasonal events to engage shoppers, residents and local businesses and find ways to give back to improve their community.

As you work to make your chamber better and your community stronger consider using SmallGyfts. SmallGyfts provide tools that allow people to interact with people, places and things around them. Here's how SmallGyfts can help you boost your effectiveness, measure you impact, achieve your mission and bring awesomeness to your community.

Use-case - Promote shopping in the community
- Businesses can create a profile to showcase who they are to local shoppers
- Businesses can post deals and events to attract shoppers or reward customers
- Businesses can collect metrics to track and communicate with customers
- Local shoppers can use SmallGyfts to find businesses, deals and events near them
- Shoppers will discover businesses they never knew existed while shopping nearby
- Shoppers can easily recommend and share business profile with their friends

Use-case - Business networking and collaboration
- Members can create a profile of themselves, their skills and interests
- Members can quickly find people, skills and services they need
- SmallGyfts enables speed networking via QR code scans
- Members can use SmallGyfts to exchange their profiles with other members
- Members can recommend and exchange referrals electronically
- SmallGyfts notifies all three parties so you know when you�ve been recommended

Use-case - Events for shoppers, residents, businesses
- Individual businesses can post events to attract shoppers
- Shoppers can see all businesses that are collaborating in events
- Businesses can see shoppers checking in during events to tie in rewards
- Chambers can create points of interests in the community, ie, art fair booths, sponsor tables, historical sites, etc.
- Chambers can measure the impact of their events throughout the area
- Visitors can interact with businesses and points of interest to discover/collect info

Use-case - Give back to improve the community
- Community organizations can create a profile to highlight their services & need
- Shoppers can pick the organizations and causes they want to support
- Businesses can offer a donation to their customers� cause as a reward for shopping with them
- SmallGyfts highlight the �givers�, the businesses that are giving back
- Businesses can track how much they are giving back and their customers� causes
- Shoppers can track how much they are helping to raise for their causes
- Community organizations can raise funding and see the businesses and people supporting them
- Chambers get a structured approach to make giving back a part of every event

Goal: Join SmallGyfts to bring awesomeness to your community!

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