Sales People - Supercharge prospecting

Scenario: Using SmallGyfts to motivate your prospects to act on your offers.

Overview: If youíre like me you get tons of random offers from many people offering to help. How do you make your offer stand out from the pack so that your prospects take a deeper look?

Use-case: Consider the approach of offering a SmallGyfts, a small donation to your prospectís cause, as a way to interrupt their automatic reaction to ignore or reject your offer. Imagine leading with the message that we want your business but even if you're not interested, here is a small donation to your favorite cause for your time. With a SmallGyfts, they pick the cause but your company gets the credit for the donation.

If they redeem the SmallGyfts you see which cause they care about so you get additional insight into your prospects. If they do not redeem then itís another signal about their interest in your offer or if they are the right fit for you. If they donít redeem your gift then it costs you nothing. This will actually save you time and future wasted efforts. If they do redeem, youíre giving a small donation, $5, $10, or whatever you deem appropriate, to worthy causes.

Goal: Turn your prospecting into an engine for gathering additional info on your prospects and generating positive PR for your company - a double win.

Much success with using this approach in gaining new clients!

Click the link below to add your business in the SmallGyfts app to start turning your prospects into clients.

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