SmallGyfts for Conventions

SmallGyfts is an innovative way to provide marketing information about your products and services to your customers. Use SmallGyfts to connect and communicate with convention visitors and maximize their engagement and enjoyment.

SmallGyfts is an event marketing and tracking app that enables you to connect with your attendees to exchange information and track attendance to your booth or event.

It's easy!
  1. Setup your business profile and promotional specials.
  2. Display a SmallGyfts QR code.
  3. Attendees scan the code to check in.
  4. Your info is displayed on their phone.
  5. SmallGyfts automatically captures who checked in.


  • Offer your exhibitors and attendees an app to maximize their engagement at your event.
  • Get metrics to better understand attendance across all events.


  • Exchange information with your attendees.
  • See attendees that scanned in at your booth.
  • Use SmallGyfts to communicate with attendees during and after the event.


  • Get a profile of all exhibitors/presenters you visit at the conference.
  • Link up with other attendees to share information and referrals.
  • See a complete history of every conference and exhibitors visited.

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