A way to help your network

Network and exchange your contact info with referral partners and friends.

Looking for an effective way to connect with the people you meet to collaborate and share referrals? SmallGyfts is for you. Use SmallGyfts to exchange contact info, find people in your network, give recommendations and get referrals.

SmallGyfts provides an easy to use tool that lets you:
+ See the people in your network
+ Find people based on their skills and expertise
+ Share updates with everyone in your network
+ Find and recommend people in your network

Putting your network to work for you: Update your SmallGyfts profile to add your picture and better describe your expertise and interests so the people in your network know when to recommend you.

Improve your profile by adding a picture, links to your social media sites, your email, phone number a short "about me" summary and keywords (expertise and skills).

Networking and Connecting:When ready to connect, encourage your partner to :
+ Go to my.smallgyfts.com
+ Sign up to create a profile
+ Press the QR code button to display their code

You can then
+ Log into the SmallGyfts app and
+ Press the camera button in the app to scan their code

After scan, you will see the profile of the person you just scanned. The person showing their code can then click the People button to see your profile.

Making a referral: As you connect with others, the system organizes your contacts visually to show your connections. Use search to find people to connect with or to recommend.

To recommend someone:
+ Search to find people in your network
+ Click the person's name to view their profile
+ Press the QR code icon to display their code

The person receiving the recommendation should
+ Click the camera button in the app to scan the code
+ They will see the profile of the person being recommended

SmallGyfts sends an email confirming the referral to the person receiving the recommendation to alert them that you referred someone to them. The receiver can then click the link in the email to view the profile of the person that was referred to them.

Automate the exchange of information with your referral partners and track referrals. Stop collecting & managing paper cards and never run out of business cards again!

Get the SmallGyfts app to get started.

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