SmallGyfts Make A Big Difference

Are you struggling to find ways to partner with your community to raise funding?

Accelerate brand awareness

Help local supporters discover your organization and quickly expand your local following.

Boost recurring donations

Get recurring donations with minimal administration and discover new supporters.

Find new business sponsors

Access a network of local business sponsors where your supporters can earn donations.

SmallGyfts provides you with a unique way to raise money to achieve your mission and help local businesses in your community.

By encouraging your supporters to do business with local businesses that give back, your supporters can raise money for your cause and support those businesses.

Grow Your Support Base

Whether you are a non-profit, church, school or local grassroot organization, SmallGyfts makes it easy for you to raise funds by partnering with your supporters and local businesses that give back.

Get more supporters

Get your organization listed in the app to connect with people in your community who support your cause.

Partner with businesses

Partner with local businesses to build a network of givers who work together to improve your community.

Raise funds with ease

Earn recurring donations when your supporters do business with local businesses that give back.


SmallGyfts are dedicated to helping nonprofits succeed!

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It’s Easy to Get Started!

Getting started is as easy as 123! Just sign up,
encourage your supporter to use the app and start fundraising.

Sign up for Free

Sign up by providing a little info about your organization. After you sign up, your cause will be listed in the app, after we validate it.

Tell your Supporters

Ask your supporters to sign up and pick your organization as their cause. As they do business with businesses in our network, they earn donations for you.

Invite Partners to Join

Ask local businesses to sign up for SmallGyfts. The more that do, the more opportunities for your supporters to earn donations for you.

Add your cause today. Let your supporters raise money for
you when they do business with local businesses that give back.


No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you if I have any more questions?

Email smallgyfts@smallgyfts.com or use the contact form to request more info. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

How do we know if SmallGyfts is the right choice for us?

SmallGyfts was created for community-minded people who care about their community. SmallGyfts allow nonprofits, church, synagogue, mosque, school or grassroot organizations to raise recurring donations.

What makes SmallGyfts different from other similar options?

SmallGyfts is focused on putting money back into the community. So, when your supporters do business with local businesses, they can also raise money for your cause. The app serves givers; businesses that give back, people who care about their community and organizations, like yours, that do good.