Raise money for your cause

Are you a school, church or local nonprofit looking for another way to raise money to fund your programs? Want to find new supporters who care about your cause? SmallGyfts can help!

SmallGyfts lets your supporters raise money for you by shopping with local businesses that give back. SmallGyfts is similar to AmazonSmile but displays local businesses that care about their community.

SmallGyfts, donations of $5 or less, may not seem like much, but when you collect them from hundreds of businesses and then combine them with SmallGyfts from all your supporters, they add up and can make a big difference in helping you reach your goals.

How to add your nonprofit to SmallGyfts
1) Fill out this form to sign up
2) Ask your supporters to download the app, and
3) Shop with local businesses to raise donations

Watch this video to see how

Earn Donations Today!
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