Why SmallGyfts Works

SmallGyfts helps you earn word of mouth referrals from your customers so they buy more and tell their friends. Charities that receive donations will encourage their supporters to shop with businesses that give back. This is a proven approach to help you sell more and attract new customers to grow your business.

SmallGyfts help you earn referrals
  • You decide how much to give and the minimum customers must spend to earn the donation.
  • Customers earn donation gift cards based on how much they buy from you.
  • Customers pick their favorite local cause to receive the donation.
  • After purchase, you show them a SmallGyfts donation code on your phone, give a gift card or send it via email.
  • Customers use the app to scan the code to redeem the donation.

Why this will help your business
  • Nonprofits will encourage their supporters to buy from your business because it helps them raise donations.
  • Customers can give your gift cards to their friends and refer them to your business.
  • Your business gets listed as a "giver" in the app to attract local shoppers.
  • You learn more about your customers and what they care about.
  • Donations are tied to your sales - the more people buy the more you can make so the more you can give.
  • SmallGyfts tracks every donation you give so you can claim year end tax credits.
  • Direct solicitors seeking donations to this program as the way you give back - they buy, you give.

Customers can...
  • Use the app to set which cause they want to support and earn donations for them wherever they shop.
  • Use the app to scan the giftcard to donate it to their cause.
  • Give the cards directly to a nonprofit so they can redeem it.
  • Give the cards to friends as an invitation to come shop with your business.

Why this attracts customers/enhances your reputation
  • Customers feel good about buying from you since it helps their cause.
  • Charities that receive donations will encourage their supporters to shop with your business.
  • The App shows how much you've donated to each of your customers' charities.
  • The App shows that you are giving back to your community.
  • You get positive media exposure for giving back.

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