SmallGyfts - Charitable Giving

Looking for a good way to support your favorite local charities? Then SmallGyfts is for you! SmallGyfts allows you to earn donations for your church, school or favorite nonprofits.

Watch this video to see how

Charities and Nonprofits

Want your supporters to help you raise money for your cause?
  1. Search for your charity to see if it is listed in SmallGyfts.
  2. Fill out this form to add your charity in SmallGyfts if not already listed.
Ask your supporters to download the SmallGyfts app, sign up then shop with local businesses to earn donations for your organization.


Support your customers charities and see how much they appreciate you. Offer SmallGyfts!
  1. Sign up your Business for the SmallGyfts service
  2. Add funds to your SmallGyfts account to activate charitable giving
Tell your customers to download and use the SmallGyfts app and become a community giver.

How does it works?

Before Shopping
  1. Download the SmallGyfts app
  2. Signup
  3. Pick your favorite charities
Shop with local businesses
  1. Chashier displays a donation code
  2. Use the app to scan the code
  3. Confirm you received the donation

SmallGyfts, donations of $5 or less, may not seem like much, but when you collect them from hundreds of businesses and then combine them with SmallGyfts from thousands of other like-minded shoppers, they add up and can make a big difference for your charities and your community.

Download the SmallGyfts app, sign up and start collecting SmallGyfts to change the world!

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